Farther We Go - Walk off the Earth (A Capella)


Walk Off the Earth是2006年在加拿大安大略省柏林顿成立的一只另类摇滚、斯卡(ska)、雷鬼摇滚风格的五人乐队。2012年,才华横溢的他们用“五人弹一把吉他”的方式翻唱了Gotye的“Somebody That I Used To Know”,视频上传后引爆网络,在Youtube上两周内获得了超过3500万次的播放量。

I used to run

camp in the backyard and

play in the sun

we couldn't wait to grow up

man we were young

all of the crazy things

we thought we'd become

we were so young

before mom and dad went gray

before my friends moved away