An Easy Cold Brew Recipe You Can Make At Home



OK, so you wanna drink some coffee but it is HOT out.

Well, cold brew is here for you, and it's incredibly easy to make on your own.

Life Kit is here to tell you how.

All you'll need is some coffee, a grinder, something to filter the coffee, a couple of containers to actually put the coffee in and some time.

There's a bunch of recipes out there on the right way to get the right brew that tastes just perfect, but here's the simplest:

Step 1: Start out with some good beans, and then grind them.

Don't go too much.

You're looking for a rough coarse texture.

How much coffee should you grind?

Well, the question of brew ratio, or how much coffee to water, is like asking 'What kind of music do you like'? or 'How do you like your eggs'?