Never Too Far Down - You Can't Stop Us - Nike


Nike 正式发布全新励志广告短片《Never Too Far Down》,由NBA巨星勒布朗·詹姆斯担任旁白。该片是 Nike《You Can't Stop Us》系列广告片的延伸。鼓励人们在疫情隔离期间保持健康,宣扬品牌乐观、“Just Do It”的精神。

We've all been underestimated and counted out.

In those moments we felt like it was over.

But it's when we were given no chance, that we somehow found that last bit of strength, to keep fighting.

And then we did what no one thought we could.

Not even ourselves.

We came back from the impossible, from being broken.

We found a way when it seemed hopeless.

We came back when we should have been long forgotten.

And we did it time and time again.

Right now we're fighting for something much bigger than a win or a championship.