A Brief History of April Fool's Day



A brief history of April Fool's Day, 6000 BCE The First Recorded Foolery.

A cave painting in France depicts two figures and a boar, with one informing the other "There is no boar behind you."The joke was deadly.

2560 BCE, Pharaoh Khufu engages in the largest scale fooling in history when he tells his people to build him some big old pointy bois.

They do, and then burry him in them inside of them.

5 BCE, a fake pregnancy joke takes a woman by surprise when her pregnancy proves real,

It was the baby who was the fooler and that fooly baby's name was Jesus.

Throughout his life, he attempted to one up his initial foolery, "And he spit on the ground making mud and rubbed the mud in the man's eyes saying, why you got mud in your eyes, Muddy-Eye Joe?

And the man was healed."In his final fool, Jesus pretended to be dead for three days which started this whoooooooooole thing.

9th Century BAGHDAD, Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi, frustrated by great mathematicians of his day, declared "How about I put some letters in your stupid math?"

This proved real useful and is considered one of the greatest fooling failures of all time.