iPad Pro — How to correctly use a computer


“你的下一台电脑,何必是电脑。”时隔两年,苹果终于发布了最新的 iPad Pro,并且由于疫情的影响,这次改为了线上发布。为了让大家更了解2020新款 iPad Pro ,还发布了一支广告片,我们一起来欣赏一下吧~

Welcome to. . . How to Correctly Use a Computer, a Beginner's Guide to Proper Computing.

Start by taking a seat at your desk.

Sit up straight.

Focus on only one task at a time.

And always keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Treat your computer with respect.

It is not a toy.

Do not touch the screen.

To send an electronic document, you'll need to print, sign, scan, attach, then send.

Your computer comes with a standard arrow cursor.